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After year ten

What happens after Year 10

What happens after Year 10?



Using our material children have usually learnt more than they would have learnt at school by year 12. There are several options:

a.               Children can go to TAFE and do a course at level 2 or 3 in the appropriate area they want to work in e.g. Business Administration, Pre-Apprenticeship course, Division 2 in Nursing etc. The advantage of TAFE is that it allows the child to try a course and if they do not like it, use it as a stepping stone to another course. TAFE courses are comparatively cheap when compared to University courses and are recognized by the workforce. Children can complete certificate 3, 4 and Diploma and then transfer to the second year of Uni at any time in the future. If they do this they have a better understanding of the course they wish to do and are more likely to get a job in that field. Too many Uni students do not get a job in the area they have taken a degree in but still have to pay HECs tax.

b.               Children can go into the workforce.

c.                Children can gain a traineeship or apprenticeship which means that they are paid while they learn and will have a recognized Certificate at the end.

d.               Children can do year 11 and 12 through correspondence with OTEN in NSW.  (www.oten.edu.au) OTEN tests children prior to beginning and nearly all children using our material come out in the top 10%.



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