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Choosing Curriculum

Can I pick and choose from various curriculums

Can I pick and choose from various curriculums?



You can, but you will not get very satisfactory results particularly if you mix Australian and American curriculum which have different sequences i.e. do work in a different order.  Neither will you get good results if you mix our material with material from the shops. Standards vary enormously. The number on the front cover does not necessarily indicate the real level of the book. The standard of Excel book, for example, is lower than that of Coroneos Publications. There are also various types of books out there. The books written for schools often have a separate teacher�s book as well as a student�s book. They assume that the teacher will teach the lesson prior to the student using their book. Many require research and because the author has not had to write answers he generally will not checked to see if this was available. This means that you will have to leave some areas unanswered. It also means that you have no guide as to what should be expected from the student as an answer.


Some books are self-instructional. Ours are mostly self-instructional. This means that the mother has only to look back a page or so to see what is expected and she can then help the child.


The third types of books are the revision books which assume previous knowledge. We only suggest these as extension books.


In addition, if you are choosing books yourself, you need to work out a curriculum from pre-school to year 10 to ensure that your child develops all the skills necessary for the workforce. We have already done that for you.


How can we be sure the material will work?



My children and my friends children have used the material over 23 years. We made a lot of mistakes in the early days but we gradually found material that would cover the needs of children and adequately prepare them for the workforce. We also spoke to hundreds of fathers over this time and discovered what skills were really needed in various jobs. We have six children who have completed TAFE courses and entered the workforce. Each one has done well in their own field. In TAFE courses they have done exceptionally well. In addition we get feed back from homeschooling families all the time which is invaluable. Some of our material has been specifically written for homeschooling, which means it is mother friendly, and can not be found elsewhere. Students who have completed our year 10 Certificate and have gone on to TAFE courses or to complete year 12 through OTEN have done extremely well too. Most people who are willing to give you advice haven�t homeschooled for any length of time.



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