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Is it important to teach Social Studies

Is it important to teach Social Studies? Couldn�t we just do a few projects?



Doing a few projects is not enough. What are now known as the �core subjects� were once known as disciplines? Why? It was because they were studied in a disciplined and logical way and it required discipline to follow through. Without a logical, ten or twelve year progress there will be great gaps in a child�s knowledge. For example, the geography of Australia has not been taught consistently over the last twenty to thirty years. I hadn�t realized how many gaps there were in many younger adults knowledge under 35�s until I asked about forty mothers, for my information only, where the Great Dividing Range ran. Of those 40 mothers, only about two could tell me accurately.


The knowledge of history and geography are basic to our understanding of our world, our political systems and our life today. For example, how can you intelligently contribution to a discussion on the number of migrants Australia should be allowing each year unless you understand the geography of Australia. Since 2/3 of Australia is arid or semi-arid and will support little or no population the number of migrants that Australia can accommodate is limited.


The knowledge of history is also important. Without this knowledge we are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. The early history of Australia is very interesting and helps understand why states are still so protective of their rights.


Can you learn about science by watching nature videos and doing projects?



 Videos and films are certainly great tools but they can be no substitute for sequential learning. Without it there will be too many gaps. Already we are seeing the result of teaching little but environmental science in our schools. There is a growth in greenies but a lack of understanding of the basics of physics, chemistry or electricity. The tendency is to amuse children rather than educate them. The old system of schooling worked prior to the early 70�s. That is why homeschooling on a large scale is only a recent trend largely from the 80�s onward.




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