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Do I have to teach my children

Do I have to teach my children?



No. If you use our books they are self-instructional. This means the instructions are in the book. You only need to help your child if they do not understand. (Often when they are little it pays to go over the instructions with them before they do the work.) Of course you will have to teach your child to read but all our phonics programme requires is that you be able to read and follow the instructions in the book. You will also have to put in a bit more work in the first couple of years but as the children grow they will be able to work more and more by themselves. This is a great advantage in the workforce, TAFE or Uni.


Books that have teacher�s handbooks require teaching and we do not stock these. I had 5 children homeschooling at one time and a small child running round. I would have had to prepare 25 subjects to cover all areas for them and I did not have the time or energy. I had enough trouble bouncing my brain backwards and forwards to help them and the washing etc. still had to be done.


Some people will tell you that you need only buy the workbooks and not the teacher�s handbook. However if a teachers book has been written, to get the best from the material you need to use the teachers handbook. If you don�t your children are missing out.



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