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Topic based learning

What about teaching all children together with topic based material

What about teaching all children together with topic based material?



It doesn�t work long term. Schools have proved that. Compare the knowledge of the average grandparent and great grandparent to the knowledge of many parents today. There are great gaps in parents� knowledge and most parents will admit it.


If you had two children, close together in abilities, perhaps you could teach them together, providing you could find the necessary research material. If the children are not the same level some of the children will miss out. Everyone has at least one child that answers for a younger child, so the younger child misses out. Making sure each child works at their own level this way is very time intensive and hard.


If there is a great difference between the top and the bottom level someone will miss out�either it will go over the head of the younger child or the older child will not work to capacity. There are American curriculums out there that provide this but parents using it rarely homeschool for long�they burn out�and some of these curriculums repeat themselves every five or so years so.  Children are repeating topics they have done and missing out on other topics. Learning must be logical, sequential and age appropriate.




Why can�t you teach whatever you like?



They have been doing this in schools for years and it is obvious it is not working. It is true that almost anything fits the guidelines and outcomes. They were written so that no-one would fail. However it is not true that you can teach what you like or follow any method you like and get good results. Certain specific knowledge is needed as an adult e.g. you can not be an electrician or engineer without a high level of maths. Learning needs to be sequential and logical.



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