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Where to start

Where do I start

Where do I start?



If your child has completed grade 2 (Queensland and Western Australia year 3) begin by testing using Language & Maths for the last year completed. That is, if the child is about to start in grade 2 use Language & Maths 1.


Each Language & Maths book is a sixty page book which costs $11.75 posted. Each page is half English and half maths. It is a summary of the years work. Answers are included so mark as you go. Do not help your child. It is important to find out what they know, not what you know. The child may use a dictionary but not a calculator. The book usually takes about 2 weeks to complete.


With the results from this test we can individualize a programme for your child. All you have to do is contact us. We will be looking at the general areas that your child got wrong e.g. fractions, vocabulary, comprehension etc.


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