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Young children

What if my child has not begun to learn yet

What if my child has not begun to learn yet?



If your child is between 3 and 6 years old you probably need the Pre-Reading Kit or the Phonics Kit which includes Learn to Read, Write & Spell. These programmes are simple to use and do not require that you have any previous knowledge.


Before a child is ready to read and write it is necessary that they master certain skills. Many of these skills are oral. They are:

�        recognition of colours

�        touching and counting from at least one to ten.

�        learning the alphabet or alphabet song

�        positional concepts like up, down, in, out, through, behind, besides, over, under, left, right

�        cutting and pasting

�        modeling play dough  

�        painting

�        colouring between lines

�        dressing skills

�        matchingsame, different

�        recognizing basic patterns

�        starting with shapes and later recognizing two letters are the same without necessarily knowing the sound

�        enjoy being read to, recognizing that there are words on a page that tell mother what to say, desiring to read for himself/herself.  (If you want your child to read, read to him and read yourself.)

�        making things with paper, lego etc.

�        carrying out simple jobs

�        solving simple jigsaw puzzles

�        mastering physical skills, e.g. run, hop, skip, climb etc

�        speak fluently

�        begin trying to write. This may only initially be little circles (writing) and asking Mum what it says.


If your child has mastered all these skills then you are ready to begin with the Phonics programme, otherwise start on the Pre-Reading programme. If you are not sure you are welcome to call us on 03 9742 7524 Monday to Friday from 9am until 5.00 pm Victorian time.


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