Excellence in English for Secondary Students

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(Written by Howard, P)

  • Contains grammar and vocabulary for the higher students to consolidate previous work.
  • Vocabulary- household items, a word instead of a phrase, animals, troublesome words, weapons, increase your word power, find more appropriate words, words derived from Latin roots, birds, shades of meaning, adjectives to use instead of very, Words that sound the same, driving words from Greek roots, collections, occupations, geographical terms, plants, shrubs and trees, sea creatures, clothing and fabrics, food we eat, games, sports and pastimes, officials, legal terms.
  • Grammar and usage- nouns, possessive case of nouns, mistakes in using nouns, adjectives, prepositions, mistakes in using prepositions, the correct form of irregular verbs, verb tenses, forms of verbs, agreements of verbs, mistakes in using verbs, adverbs, adverbs or adjectives? Conjunctions, case of pronouns, agreement of pronouns with antecedents, mistakes in using pronouns, phrases, the simple sentence; subject and predicate, clauses, types of sentences, dangling modifiers, misplaced words, misplaced phrases and clauses, one word or phrase is unnecessary, vary your sentence structure, some uses of commas, the use of hyphens, figures of speech, clarity of expression, parallel construction.
Grade/s 8-10  |  91 Pages  |  230 Grams