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(Written by Ford, K)

  • Contents: Monday's child, patterns and puzzles, Codes, Decoding, Tessellation's, Magic squares, Durer's magic square, The 300 year old calculator, TV or not TV, Computer rhythms, Happy numbers, The four fours, Nasty networks, Don't look back, Sprouts and squares, Polyominoes, Hexominoes, Computing, The gambling computer, Revision, This title is more expensive than other books in the series as it has just been reprinted. Contents: Travelling by road, Travelling costs, Accommodation, Attractions on the Gold Coast, Review, Advance purchase excursion fares, Normal fares, new Zealand holiday, Travel in New Zealand, Happy holiday, World time, Time differences, Weather, Travel insurance, Exchange rates, Flight information, Airport information, Train travel on the southern line, Holiday in Melbourne, Around the town, Graphs, Wheels, Commuting by train, Further activities, Answers.
Grade/s 7-12  |  48 Pages  |  130 Grams