Practical Reading and Writing Skills

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(Written by Howard, P)

Contents: Filling up, Reading a sign, Reading a handbook, The overworked word nice, Words that sound alike, Reading a TV program, Reading a recipe, The overworked words got and get, Correcting a letter, Reading a telephone directory, Facts about skin cancer, More words that sound alike, Correcting mistakes, Ordering take-away, Using dictionary, Using past participles, using the past tense, food as energy, Reading a road map, more correcting mistakes, Unnecessary words, Reading instructions, reading a tide chart, more unnecessary words, proverbs, Reading a street map, Reading a railway timetable, using the right past tense, A visit to the museum, Reading a notice, reading a soccer league table, numeral words, Abbreviations, Reading a menu, Cricketing averages, Some useful verbs, Words that can be mispronounced, Applying for a driver's licence, Reading for information, euphemisms, More proverbs, Buying a house, buying a used car, Verbs that describe how we move, Frequently misspelt words, Keeping words in the right order, Reading instructions, Making a sentence longer, More reading for information, Verbs that describe movement, Correct usage, livestock numbers, Common nouns, Proper nouns, Collective nouns, Abstract nouns, Personal pronouns, Relative pronouns, adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Prepositions, phrases, clauses and sentences, More correct usage, Grammar revision.

Grade/s 7-8  |  76 Pages  |  195 Grams