Bush Boys and Cuthbert joins the Bush Boys

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(Written by Tierney, J)

  • The Bush Boys and Cuthbert joins the Bush Boys are now published in one volume.
  • BUSH BOYS: Peter and John Cumberland from the suburbs enjoy the first week of their spring school holidays with their cousins, Greg and Bernie Cumberland at The Hills of Home in the Wild Bush Mountains.
  • There is a lot of camping fun and excitement with a nasty group of older boys.
  • Peter and John learn lots of bushcraft - and so does the reader.
  • 300 pages in 37 short chapters.
  • CUTHBERT JOINS THE BUSH BOYS: Cuthbert B. Bishop is nearly kidnapped by crooks demanding a ransom from his rich father.
  • He is sent into hiding at his cousins. Greg and Bernie Cumberland, at The Hills of Home in the Wild Bush Mountains, for the spring school holidays.
  • Greg and Bernie with their other cousins, Pete and John, help make Cuthbert into a real bush boy... The 'bush treatment' at Ducky Pool in Koala Creek works wonders - it always does.
  • Pete and John's younger sisters Jenny and Jude arrive too, and make a trio with Kate, Bernie's young sister.
  • The five boys have wild adventures camping - and capturing kidnappers.
  • The girls are too young for camping but have their own adventures and play a vital part in the final police round-up.
  • 256 pages in 31 short chapters.

Grade/s 5-9  |  516 Pages  |  335 Grams