Robotics - Few Jobs Available

I lease a photocopier from Konica. Yesterday I received the email I have displayed below from them.


Powering your Business forward with robotic automation

 “Cost optimisation is hardly a new concept; SMB owners have always been cost-conscious. However, with the right technologies in place, reducing costs no longer has to come at the expense of something else.


The key to cost optimisation while supporting business growth and ongoing excellence is automation and is available now at a price small and micro businesses can afford.


RPA can automate any mundane task. The key benefits of automation are:

--Lower costs—robots do mundane jobs—no leave, no super.

--Work more efficiently as they can work 24 hours per day

--Free up staff to focus on higher-value work

--Reduce or even eliminate errors”


Konica already employ skilled technicians who have worked for them for years. These technicians will come in and install the robot for you and then service it as needed. If, as I am sure they will do, businesses are able to lease them, robots will become very cost effective and will be cheaper than paying employees, so less staff will be needed. It may be possible for a few young people to obtain traineeships, but unless the Government offers substantial incentives, because of COVID taineeshipshis may not be offered for some time.


Technicians, electricians, mechanics etc. have always upskilled as the technology changed. My husband began as a radio technician working on valve radios. He first up-skilled as a colour T.V. technician, then later serviced huge computers. Since the pay for computer technicians was ridiculously low he changed jobs and worked as a processor at an oil refinery. This was far below his skill level but it paid well. Two and a half years later, he transferred to working as a technician at the same oil refinery as the hours suited us better now our children were slightly older. Ten years later he became a microwave technician. During this time he up-skilled as a cabler—fibre optic.


Once we began our business,he worked with me and installed security alarms and security fences part-time. In summary, what he did to retain work, was constantly upskill.


Don’t be fooled by the courses on offer at Tafe’s and Uni’s. To stay in business they will offer courses that the public want. Businesses frequently complain that these institutions are not training people properly for the workforce.


What course do you train in? I really don’t know. Technology is going through a rapid upgrade because of the way COVID has changed life. Check out job advertisements once life is a bit more normal. Don’t assume that there will be jobs available once you have trained. Traineeships—real ones—and apprenticeships-- are, I believe, still good ways to go as they provide practical skills with the training.