Bush Boys and the Bush Rangers

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(Written by Tierney, J)

  • More adventures of Greg, Bernie & Kate Cumberland who are homeschooled.
  • The story begins with the bushrangers in 1880 but where is their gold hidden?
  • Includes mud fights at Ducky Pool, cooking on fires, ancient wagons, gunpowder and secret codes, narrow escapes.
  • Includes 50 pictures, diagrams and things to do.
  • A quarterly magazine called "Bush Boys Exp" This is the fourth book about Greg and Bernie, Pete and John Cumberland, with two new boys, in a six day camping adventure in the Wild Bush Mountains.
  • For 441 pages you'll feel you're really there yourself, working up an appetite, cooking on a campfire, smelling wood smoke and sleeping under the stars.
  • You'll know the wild and lyric beauty of the bush rugged ridges, tall trees and scratchy scrub, rocks and rapids, wind and water, light on leaves, cliffs and waterfalls, inviting pools, awe-inspiring distances, and the wonder of bird calls amid uncivilized silence.
  • Bush Boys on the Move has 71 pages of Appendices on do-it-yourself camping with vital DO'S and DON'TS for planning your own bush adventure.
  • Bush Boys on the Move is an ideal book for all adventurous boys and girls.
  • "Bush Boys Explorers", edited by Sue Elvis, a homeschooling mother of eight, is published quarterly and may be downloaded from www.cardinalnewman.com.au.
Grade/s 5-9  |  396 Pages  |  285 Grams