Successful Spelling 6

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Notes to Students and Parents, short a sound, au sound, ph sound, more ph sounds, revision, c that says k, c that says s, ch that says ch, ch that says k, ch that says sh, revision, short e sound, more short e sounds, long e sound, short i sound, revision, long i sound, short o sound, long o sound, qu sound, revision, ar sound, y that says ee, or sound, -ary, revision, suffix -ant, rh sound, suffix -ence, more suffix -ent, Revision, sy sound, suffix -tion, more -tion words, suffix -sion, revision, more -sion words, suffix -ment, eu sound, pl, pn, ps, psy, pt sounds,
  • revision,
  • dictation,
  • answers.
Grade/s 6  |  99 Pages  |  300 Grams