Easy-learn Maths 7B

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(Written by Tan, J)

  • Chapter 1. Circles, Measure radius and diameter Radius and Diameter, Circumference of Circles Area of Circles,
  • Chapter 2. Graphs, Pie Charts, Understanding Pie Charts, Construction of Pie Charts, Challenging Problems on Pie Charts,
  • Chapter 3. Volume and Area, Volume of Cuboids or Rectangular Prisms Volume of Liquids in Rectangular Prisms, Filling a Rectangular Tank, 
  • Chapter 4. Average, Average,
  • Chapter 5. Speed and Rate, Speed, Average Speed, Meeting half-way Rate,
  • Chapter 6. Fractions, Whole Numbers, Simplifying Fractions and Equivalent Fractions Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions The Four Operations with Fractions Fraction of Units More Fractions, Fraction Problems, More Challenging Problems on Fractions,
  • Test paper 1,
  • Test paper 2,
  • Test paper3,
  • Answers.
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