Understanding Maths 10 Intermediate

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(Written by Marlin, W)

  • The book is arranged in chapters with instructions for working out maths.
  • These are followed by four pages of questions, each level becoming progressively harder.
  • The first two levels direct a student back to the instruction in the previous page if he has problems.
  • Contents: further financial mathematics,
  • surface area and volume,
  • statistics,
  • probability,
  • graphing lines and curves,
  • circle geometry,
  • further algebra and factorisation,
  • surds and indices,
  • equations and formulae,
  • co-ordinate geometry,
  • further trigonometry,
  • solutions to graded exercises—worked solutions to the more difficult.
Grade/s 10  |  295 Pages  |  880 Grams