Easy-learn Maths 5A

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(Written by Tan, J)

  • Whole Numbers--to 100,000 ,place value, greater than, less than, ordering numbers.
  • The Four Operations of Whole Numbers--addition & subtraction, combining addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, 3 digit multiplication by 1 digit, 3 digit division by 1 digit, word problems, multiplication by 2 digits, word problems. Factors, Multiples,
  • LCM--factors, common factors, multiples, LCM, revision of factors and multiples.
  • Estimation--rounding off to the nearest 10, rounding off to the nearest 100, estimates (addition & subtraction), estimates (multiplication and division).
  • Fractions--equivalent fractions, improper fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers, converting mixed numbers to improper fractions, fractions in simplest form, addition & subtraction of fractions, finding the common denominator, combined addition and subtraction of fractions.
  • Fractions--adding fractions to/ subtracting fractions from whole numbers, adding/subtracting mixed numbers, combining addition and subtraction of mixed numbers, ordering fractions, multiplying fractions and whole numbers, word problems. Graphs--bar charts, tabulating results.
  • Angles--drawing angles using a protractor, measuring angles, sum of angles of a right angle, sum of angles of a right angle, sum of angles on a straight line.
  • Perpendicular and Parallel Lines--identify perpendicular lines and parallel lines.
  • Area & Perimeter--areas, area of composite figures, area of figures, perimeter, area and perimeter combined.
  • Revision.
Grade/s 5  |  128 Pages  |  330 Grams