Easy-learn Maths 6A

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(Written by Tan, J)

  • Whole Numbers--numerals, number words in thousand and millions.
  • Factors and Multiples--factors, common factors, multiples, common multiples, lowest common multiple, revision.
  • Rounding Numbers--Round to the nearest thousand, estimates.
  • Multiplication and Division--multiple by tens, hundreds and thousands, getting the number of zeros correct, dividing by tens, hundreds and thousands, estimate quotients, multiply by two digit numbers, division by 2 digit numbers.
  • The Four Operations of Whole numbers--addition and subtraction can be done together, multiplication before addition and subtraction, division before multiplication, work the calculation in the brackets first, revision.
  • Area and Perimeter--area of figures, area of triangles, area of composite figures, calculate base and height triangle, more practise on areas.
  • Fractions--reduce to the simplest form, equivalent fractions, greater than, less than and equal to, whole numbers, improper fractions, mixed numbers, arranging fractions in order of size, product of fraction and whole numbers, fraction of a quantity, fraction x fraction, one quantity as a fraction of another of the same kind, dividing fractions by a whole number, word problems.
  • Ratio--ratio, reduce ratio to the simplest form, given a ratio and one of the quantities, given ratio and total quantity, word problems.
  • Angles--directions, measure angles with a protractor, calculate right angles, calculate angles on a straight line, vertically opposite angles, calculate angles, angles of a triangle, sum of angles of a triangle, exterior angles of a triangle, equilateral triangle and isosceles triangle, drawing triangles.
  • Solid Figures--difference between pyramids and prisms, nets of a rectangular pyramid, nets of a triangular pyramid, nets of a square pyramid, nets of a hexagon pyramid, nets of solid figures.
  • Graphs--construct graphs, understanding graphs. Revision.
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