Easy-learn Maths 6B

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(Written by Tan, J)

  • Decimals--place value, meaning of tenths, meaning of hundredths, meaning 0of thousandths, greater than, less than and equal to, ordering numbers, make 1, converting decimals to fractions, converting fractions to decimals, estimates, round/correct to the nearest whole number, round/correct to decimal place, round/correct to decimal places, dividing then correcting/rounding to one decimal place, fractions to decimals. Revision.
  • Multiplication and Division of decimals--multiply by 10, 100 and 1000, division by tens, hundreds and thousands, multiply by two digit whole number, division by two digit whole number, conversion of measurements, revision.
  • Percentages--meaning of percent, convert fractions to percentage, convert percentage to fractions, converting decimals to percentages, converting percentages to decimals, larger percentages, one quantity as a percentage of another quantity, word problems, percentage of a quantity. Revision.
  • Rate & Speed--meaning of rate, word problems, meaning of speed, word problems.
  • 3-sided and 4-sided figures--drawing 3-sided figures, drawing triangles, drawing 4-sided figures, properties of a parallelogram, calculating angles in a parallelogram.
  • Volume--volume of a cuboid or rectangular prism (2 formulas), volume of liquid in rectangular prisms, capacity, given the volume, calculate the l, b, h, height of water in the container.
  • Algebra--substitution, use of symbols. Revision.
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