Easy-learn Maths 7A

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(Written by Tan, J)

  • Chapter 1. Whole Numbers, Numbers to 99,999,999 Rounding off Numbers, The Four Operations of Whole Numbers Grouping Concept of Multiplication Revision,
  • Chapter 2. Factors and Multiples, Factors, Highest Common Factor (HCF), Multiples and Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) Prime Numbers Index Notation, Revision of Chapter I and 2,
  • Chapter 3. Algebra, Algebraic Expressions, Simplifying Algebraic Expressions Rules in Algebra, Using Brackets in Algebra Substitution Revision,
  • Chapter 4. Tessellations, Nets and Symmetry, Tessellations, Net of a Cube Symmetry, Revision of Chapter 3 and 4,
  • Chapter 5. Geometry, Angles, Triangles and Parallelograms, Angles, Triangles and Parallelograms Challenging Problems Revision,
  • Chapter 6, Ratios, Meaning of Ratios Relationship between Ratios and Fractions, Combining, Ratios,
  • Chapter 7, Percentage, Meaning of percent, Fractions to Percentages (by Division), Percentage to Fractions, Percentage increase/ decrease, Percentage Profit/ Loss, Percentages problems, Interest and GST tax, More challenging problems,
  • Test paper 1,
  • Test Paper 2,
  • Answers.
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