Excellence in English Year 3

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(Written by Howard, P)

  • Excellence in English Year 3 is the third of a series aimed at primary children to help improve their English.
  • There are many challenging exercises that will extend their vocabulary, grammar, reading and thinking skills.
  • The systematic practice will give confidence to those who may later sit for entrance or scholarship examinations which test English and General Aptitude.
  • It is suggested that a child works through the book sequentially rather than jumping from one section to another.
  • A dictionary should be consulted to avoid guesswork - especially when the meaning of a multiple-i choice word is not known.
  • Answers are provided in the centre section for ease of removal. When using this book at home or school, it may be a temptation for a child to look at answers if they remain in the book.
Grade/s 3  |  60 Pages  |  180 Grams