Giant Book of Reading/Comprehension Tests

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(Written by Wilson, G)

  • Reading Test I: Exercise, Large Paintings and Larger Artists, Large Holes from Small Diggers, Glacier, Grizzly, Big Isn't Necessarily Better, The Wind in a Frolic, Plan Ahead,
  • Reading Test 2: Pandora's Box, Buying a House, Old Shellover, The Climate of Mt lsa, Tractor, The Rifle Bird, Believe It Or Not - The Nose, Murder most Foul, Land Grant, Believe It Or Not -The Tongue, Temperature.
  • Reading Test 3: Norfolk Island, William James Farrer, The Bandicoot, My Country, Storms of Fury, Pinchgut, Coat of Arms, The Gulf Stream, The Gopher or Ground Squirrel
  • Reading Test 4. Chicken, Alaska, Quicksand, Rainfall in Australia, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Waratah, Wind Mining, The Sinking of the Quetta, The Golden Apples of the Hesperides,
  • Reading Test 5: Ready, Aim, Fire!, James Bond 007, Believe It Or Not ? Saliva, Ash Wednesday, The Gods Must Be Angry, The Teams, The Boll Weevil, Danger Lurks,
  • Reading Test 6: The Lava Tubes of Undara, The Wreck of the Sirius, Home Baked Bread, Matthew Flinders, Believe It Or Not ? Muscles, Hot Air, The Hammock, Bombaderry Creek, Andy's Gone With Cattle,
  • Reading Test 7: Bloody Bridge, Peculiar Pikas, H.M.S. Bellerophon, Floating and Painful, Lighthouses, Andy's Return, Department Directory, Coral, Revision, Vocabulary Test.
Grade/s 7-8  |  130 Pages  |  330 Grams