Jacaranda Junior Atlas: Australian Curriculum Edition

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(Written by Jacaranda)

  • The fourth edition of the Jacaranda Primary Atlas has been revised to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: Geography.
  • Retaining its mapping excellence and graded skill development, the as presents a wealth of gazetteer and thematic maps, new case studies, and fully updated statistics that go with the curriculum content descriptions for Years 3-6.
  • The atlas is divided into three main sections:
  • Skills: Students are introduced to basic map interpretation and geospatial skills through stimulating resources and activities.
  • Australia: This section comprehensively informs students about their own country. Detailed maps of each state and territory are supported by Geofacts and case studies appropriate to primary school students and curriculum themes.  Topics such as Australia's natural and human features, resources and their sustainable use, care for special places, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and our connections with other countries are featured throughout this section.
  • World: Satellite images of continents give students a bird's-eye view of the world, while new case studies explore natural and human features, geographical and cultural diversity, and issues relating to the ways humans interact with their environments. Additional thematic pages provide an engaging reference for topics such as climate, endangered species, culture and World Heritage.
Grade/s 7-10  |  174 Pages  |  830 Grams