Learn to Read, Write and Spell Kit 3


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  • Contents: Learn to Read, Write and Spell 3 -- Write & Spell 3, 4 & 5 Activity Sheets --Successful Spelling K and 28 page parent's instruction book.
  • Sounds taught: th as in three, ng as in ring, sh as in shell, wh as in wheat, ee as in bee, ar as in car, oa as in goat, multiple a as in short vowel a for apple, long vowel a as in cake, ah as in father, aw as in walk, short o as in squash, air as in mare, silent b as in lamb, multiple e as in short e as in leg, long e as in we, silent e as in cane, multiple h as in hill, silent h as in hour, multiple I as in short vowel as in igloo, long vowel as in ride, ee as in police, multiple y as yer as in yo-yo, long I as in fly, ee as in happy, short I as in cylinder. 

Grade/s K-1  |   Pages  |  2720 Grams