Learn to Read, Write and Spell Kit 5


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  • Contents: Learn to Read, Write and Spell 5, Activity & Craft Sheets for Learn to Read, Write and Spell 5, Successful Spelling 1, Succeeding in Social Studies K and 28 page parent's instruction book.
  • Sounds taught: multiple ie sound as i as in pie, ee as in thief, oi and oy as in boy, multiple ei and ey, as ee as in key or receive, a as in they or vein, multiple o as in long sound as in boot, short o sound as in foot, multiple ea as in long vowel ee as in tea, short vowel e as in head, long vowel a as in great, igh as i as in high, multiple ou as ow as in found, oo as in you, u as in touch, ole as in poultry, multiple ow sound as in cow, o as in show, multiple au sound as in Paul, short vowel o as in Australia, aw as in claw, multiple ew as oo as in crew, you as in new, 4 spellings of or sound, or as in thorn, oy as in boy, oar as in soar, oor as in floor, our as in four, gn as in n, multiple gu as g as in guest, gw as in language, multiple ui sound oo as in fruit, you as in juice.
Grade/s K-1  |   Pages  |  910 Grams