Phonics Revision 2 - (years 6-10)

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This is second in a series of four books that is intended to provide revision of phonics for highschool students.
  • Includes simple picture to help children distinguish between multiple sounds, spelling rules, exercises to practise sounds and extend vocabulary, word searches and crossword puzzles, answers.
  • This book should be completed by all but the very best spellers. If your child finds these books too hard the child needs to work through Practical Phonics Workbooks 3-6 first.
  • Exercises are designed to help children practise the rules and sounds. Initial exercises are easier because of the nature of the words. Crossword puzzles and word searches are added to make the work more enjoyable and make sure that children repeatedly work through the word lists. Word searches have words running in all directions.
  • Contents: Vowels, o sounds, e sounds, syllables, u sounds, revision, x sounds, s sounds, kn sound, w and wr sounds, ch sounds, c sounds, g sounds, Revision, ck sound, dge sound, tch sound, ed sound, or sound, Revision, Definitions, Answers.
Grade/s 6-10  |  64 Pages  |  180 Grams