Phonics Revision 3 - (years 6-10)

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This is third in a series of four books that is intended to provide revision of phonics for highschool students.
  • Includes simple picture to help children distinguish between multiple sounds, spelling rules, exercises to practise sounds and extend vocabulary, word searches and crossword puzzles, answers.
  • This book should be completed by all but the very best spellers.
  • Contents: ie sounds, ai and ay sounds, oi and oy sounds, ei and ey sounds, Revision, o sounds, ea sounds. igh sound, ou sounds, Revision, ow sounds, au and aw sounds, ew sounds, or, oar, oor and our sounds, gu, gh and ui sounds, Revision, Definitions, Answers.
Grade/s 6-12  |  64 Pages  |  180 Grams