Phonics Revision 4 - (years 6-10)

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This is fourth in a series of four books that is intended to provide revision of phonics at a highschool level.
  • Includes simple picture to help children distinguish between multiple sounds, spelling rules, applicable spelling at highschool level, exercises to practise sounds and extend vocabulary, word searches and crossword puzzles and answers.
  • This book should be completed by all but the very best spellers.
  • Contents: eigh sounds, er, ir, ur, ear and or sounds, are, eir, ere, ear and air sounds, ough and augh sounds, foreign Spelling, ti, si and ci sounds, Revision, ph and rh sounds, sc and eu sounds, ps, pn and pt sounds, Adding Endings to Words, Useful Bits of Information, Plurals, Homophones, Word Building, Prefixes, Common Latin Root Words, Suffixes, Definitions, Answers. 
Grade/s 6-12  |  64 Pages  |  180 Grams