Primary Science 4 - Christian Edition

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This series of workbooks are designed to provide children with a mixture of theoretical and hands on knowledge of science.
  • Written from a Christian perspective.
  • They are intended to eventually progress through all grades.
  • Students should begin at an appropriate place and continue numerically.
  • Printing is larger to cater for younger children
  • Contents: Birds, gulls, pelicans, penguins, air, wind, mammals, Contents: Note to Parents, Equipment Required for Experiments, Sound, Our Ears, Sharks, Seahorses, Mechanical Levers, Experiments with Simple Machines ,Why Should I Keep My Body Clean? ,Fun page (shaving cream bath paint soap and crayons), Why We Should Open the Windows, Hints for Preventing Colds and Flu, Safe Cleaners for the Environment, Experiments with Light, Fun Page (candle making) Energy from the Wind, Make an Anemometer , Revision, Definitions, Answers 

Grade/s 2-3  |  80 Pages  |  250 Grams