Revise Your Phonics 2 - Years 3-6

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Intended to revise the phonics, including the rules, for this age group.
  • Should be completed by all children sometime during these grades.
  • This book revises: ie, ay, ai, oi, oy, ei, ey, oo, ea, igh, ou, ow, au, aw, ew, 4 spellings of the or sound, gn, gu, gh, ui. Introduces the following sounds: eigh, 5 spellings of er sound, 5 spellings of air sound, 6 sounds of ough, 2 sounds of augh, foreign words, ti, si, ci, ph, rh, sc, eu, ps, pn, pt, tricky spellings, plurals, some Latin root words, prefixes, suffixes. (As appropriate to this age group. Others taught in highschool.)
  • Intended to be used instead of Practical Phonics Workbook 6 as many parents by this time have others to teach to read and can spend only minimal supervision time with the child.
  • Answers included.
Grade/s 3-6  |  72 Pages  |  210 Grams