Step into Handwriting for Queensland Schools Year 5

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(Written by Davis & Rawlins)

  • The fifth in a series of seven books for Queensland modern cursive handwriting.
  • This interactive handwriting series for Queensland schools helps students develop a legible personal style of handwriting.
  • Each book is presented in portrait format and includes specific teaching points and inclusive cultural activities.
  • Features: Perfect models of the appropriate script for each level
  • General Information section covering the key components of a handwriting program and recommended teaching sequence
  • Comprehensive Teaching Objectives and Notes
  • An insert which contains a deskstrip and a Certificate of Completion
  • Age-appropriate activities to boost phonic and word-building skills
  • Regular self-evaluation exercises to develop confidence in writing
  • Interactive activities where students are encouraged to talk about the script features
  • A Pupil Profile to help teachers and parents monitor students.
Grade/s 5  |  64 Pages  |  200 Grams