Successful English 2

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Naming Words,
  • Groups (nouns),
  • Alphabetical Order,
  • Comprehension: Wombats, Naming Words, Plurals (nouns), Male and Female, Doing, Being or Having Words (verbs), Doing, Being or Having Words 2 (verbs), Words That Belong Together,
  • Comprehension: shells, Past Tense (verbs), Future Tense (verbs), Sentences, Sentences 2, Animal Pairs, Dictionary Skills,
  • Poetry: Possum's Song, Describing Words (adjectives), Describing Words 2 (adjectives), Story Sequence, Writing Sentences of Your Own,
  • Describing Words: Colours and Numbers, Days of the Week and Months of the Year,
  • Comprehension: Lizards, Describing Words That Tell Where (adverbs), Describing Words That Tell When (adverbs), Describing Words That Tell How (adverbs), Writing Sentences of Your Own, Improving Your Sentences, Sentence Practice,
  • Comprehension: Elephants, Using Capital Letters, Full Stops and Question Marks, Answering Questions Correctly, Answering Questions Correctly, Animal Babies, For
  • Fun: Poetry Appreciation, Rhyming Words, Dictionary Skills Negative Sentences,
  • Comprehension: Snakes, Using And, But, So and Because (conjunctions), Using Then, Soon, For, Nor and Yet (conjunctions), Sentence Endings (prepositions), Sentence Endings 2 (prepositions).
Grade/s 2-3  |  128 Pages  |  330 Grams