Successful English 3A

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Capital Letters, Full Stops and Question Marks, Commas, Exclamation Marks,
  • Comprehension: Horatius, Writing A Paragraph, Editing, Writing A Paragraph 2, Nouns, Common and Proper Nouns,
  • Comprehension: Joan of Arc, Keeping A Journal, Dictionary Skills, Collective Nouns, Abstract Nouns,
  • Comprehension: Alfred the Great, Writing A Story, Writing A Story 2, Nouns Must Agree with Verbs, Nouns Must Agree with Verbs 2,
  • Comprehension: Jackie, Jackie, Writing A Story 3, Word Knowledge, Noun Gender, the Rain, Writing A Poem, Writing A Friendly Letter, Writing A Friendly Letter 2, Verbs, Verbs 2,
  • Comprehension: Grace Darling, Emails, Writing An Email, Verb Tenses, Verb Tenses,
  • Comprehension: Alexander the Great, Dictionary Skills 2, Word Knowledge 2, Subject and Predicate, Subject and Predicate 2.
Grade/s 3-4  |  128 Pages  |  340 Grams