Successful English 3B

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(Written by Marett,V)

  • Contents: Proper and Common Noun Practise, Verb Practise,
  • Comprehension: Henry Lawson, Writing an Invitation, Writing an Invitation 2, Answering An Invitation, Answering An Invitation 2, Adjective Practise, Preposition Practise,
  • Comprehension: Banjo Paterson,
  • Poem: Waltzing Matilda, Australian Slang Terms, Conjunctions, Conjunctions,
  • Comprehension: Caroline Chisolm, How Are Books Arranged in a Library? More About Libraries, How Do You Find the Book You Want? How Do You Find the Book You Want 2? Present and Past Participles, Past Participles That Change, Limericks, Writing A Limerick, Homonyms, Homonyms, Past Participles That Change, Past Tense and Past Participles that Change,
  • Comprehension: Helen Keller, Using A Table of Contents, Using A Table of Contents, Adverbs, Adverbs, Applying Grammar, Applying Grammar, Leading For Information? , Australia, Using An Index, Using An Index, Reading An Index, Many Uses of a Dictionary, Articles: A, An and The, Have and Has,
  • Comprehension: Sir Isaac Newton, Using An Encyclopedia, Sentence Practise, More Practise With Commas and Full stops, Exclamation Marks, Question Marks and Full Stops,
  • Reading for Information:
  • Following Instructions: Making A Butterfly, Anagrams,
  • Word Knowledge: Idioms, Adverbs, Prepositions,
  • Comprehension: David Livingstone, Riddles, Quotation Marks,
  • Comprehension: Rules for the Road,
  • Reading For Information:
  • Following Instructions: Making A Greeting Card, Using Better Words, Using An Apostrophe (Contractions), Using An Apostrophe (Ownership),
  • Comprehension: The Brave Spartan,
  • Story Writing: A Perfect Summer Day, Double Negatives, Noun Plurals,
  • Comprehension: The Athenians Fight Too, Homographs, Homographs, Noun Plurals, Noun Plurals, Reading A Timetable, Reading A Timetable, Reading A Timetable,
  • Word Knowledge: Idioms, Sentences and Non-Sentences, Identifying Parts of a Sentence,
  • Comprehension: Roman Soldiers, Synonyms, Antonyms, Making Two Sentences into One, Making Two Sentences into One,
  • Comprehension: What is a Volcano? Using One Word for Several, Revision, Answers.
Grade/s 3-4  |  128 Pages  |  340 Grams