Successful English 4A

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Notes to Parents,
  • Word Knowledge: Animal Babies, Punctuation,
  • Comprehension: William Farrer,
  • Revision: Writing a Paragraph, Editing, Common and Proper Nouns, Humorous
  • Poetry: The Triantiwontigongolope1, Writing a Story, Dictionary Skills, Collective Nouns,
  • Nouns: Revision, Comprehension: John Howard (prison reform),
  • Story Writing: My Best Friend24, Further Writing Topics, Abstract Nouns, Word
  • Knowledge: Compound Words, Comprehension: Elizabeth Fry, Writing A Description, Further Descriptive Writing Topics, Noun Genders,
  • Poem: The Man From Snowy River, Reporting an Event for a Newspaper, Personal Pronouns,
  • Comprehension: Sir John Monash,
  • Word Knowledge: Correct Usage, Verbs,
  • Comprehension: How We Got Cheap Postage, Writing A Friendly Letter, Verb Tenses,
  • Comprehension: Samuel Morse: the Telegraph, Writing An Autobiography, Present and Past Participles, Comprehension:
  • Alexander Bell: the Telephone, Story Sequence: What Happened at the Pond, Sentences,
  • Comprehension: Guglielmo Marconi: the Wireless, Dictionary Skills, Completing A Form, Subject and Predicate,
  • Poem: An Introduction to Dogs (humorous description), Writing A Descriptive Poem, Using the Correct Word,
  • Comprehension: John Baird: Television, A Recount, Descriptive Adjectives, Possessive Adjectives,
  • Comprehension: James Watt: the Steam Engine, Following Instructions: Procedure, Writing Instructions: Procedure, Degree with Adjectives,
  • Comprehension: Roman Roads, Word Knowledge, Using the Correct Word,
  • Adjectives: Demonstrative, Interrogative and Numeral,
  • Poem: Fable, Writing An Advertisement: Persuasive Writing, Possessive Pronouns, Prepositions,
  • Comprehension: George Stephenson: the Story of the Railways, Word Knowledge, Map Reading,
  • Word Meanings: Dictionary Skills, Sequence115, Revision in the following: Common and Proper Nouns, Collective Nouns, Writing A Story, Abstract Nouns118, Noun Genders, Descriptive Writing, Verbs, Participles121, Writing A Newspaper Report, Sentences,
  • Comprehension: The Pyramids, Writing A Friendly Letter, Subject and Predicate, Map Reading, Degree with Adjectives, Demonstrative, Interrogative and Numeral Adjectives, Using the Correct Word, Word Knowledge, Answers
Grade/s 4-6  |  144 Pages  |  400 Grams