Successful English 5A

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Notes to Parents, Writing, Checklist, Revision of Common and Proper Noun, Revision of Collective and Abstract Nouns,
  • Comprehension: Finding Out About History, Biographies and Autobiographies, Writing a Biography,
  • Nouns: Number Agreement,
  • Nouns: Number and Gender Agreement,
  • Comprehension: The Sumerians, A Tall Story Mulga Bill's Bicycle, Story Writing: Writing A Tall Story, Dictionary and Thesaurus Skills, Nouns in the Nominative Case, Comprehension: Daily Life in Sumer, An
  • Adventure Story: Blinky Bill,
  • Story Writing: An Adventure Story, Synonyms and Antonyms, Nouns in the Objective Case,
  • Comprehension: Everyday Life in Sumer, A Business Letter,
  • Communication: Writing A Business Letter, Nouns in the Possessive Case, Revision of Noun Cases, Homophones,
  • Comprehension: The Rise of the Egyptian Civilization, Critical Thinking: Advertisements, Understanding Terms Used in Advertisements, Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives, Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives,
  • Comprehension: Ancient Egyptian Society,
  • Poetry: Corny Bill, Expository Writing: Writing A Description, What is A Necessary Part of Descriptive Writing? Writing a Descriptive Essay, Degree with Adjectives, Comprehension: Religion, Death & the Egyptians,
  • Filling in Forms: Birth Certificate, Word Usage, Possessive and Distributive Adjectives, Proverbs,
  • Comprehension: Egyptian Writing, Writing a Diary, Capital Letters and Full Stops, Capital Letters and Abbreviations,
  • Comprehension: What We Owe the Ancient Egyptians, The Play, C.J. Dennis, Writing A Dialogue, Finite Verbs, Transitive Verbs,
  • Comprehension: Ancient China,
  • An Extract from : Coral Island, 
  • Writing A Narrative: Arriving in Australia, Simple and Continuous Tense,
  • Comprehension: The Shang Dynasty,
  • Persuasive Writing: Argumentative Writing, Correcting Sentences, Homonyms, Reading A Newspaper, The Main Elements of a Newspaper, Magazines, Revision, Nouns, Writing A Tall Story, Nouns in the Nominative Case, Writing An Adventure Story,
  • Comprehension: The Colossus of Rhodes, Nouns in the Objective and Possessive Case, Writing a Business Letter, Demonstrative and Interrogative Pronouns and Adjectives, Filling Out a Form, Degree with Adjectives, Critical Thinking, Possessive and Distributive Adjectives, Descriptive Essay, Verbs, Writing a Dialogue, Simple and Continuous Tense, Argumentative Essay,
  • Answers
Grade/s 5-7  |  144 Pages  |  400 Grams