Successful English 6A

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  • Contents: Notes To Parents, Writing Checklist, Common, Proper, Collective and Abstract Nouns, Compound Nouns and Gerunds,
  • Comprehension: Crete, Revision of Drafting and Editing, Dictionary Usage, Singular and Plural Nouns, Agreement of Nouns and Verbs,
  • Comprehension: Life in Crete, The Man from Ironbark, Narratives, Nominative or Objective Case with Nouns, Possessive Case with Nouns,
  • Comprehension: The Phoenicians, An Adventure Story, Writing an Adventure Story, Recognising and Using Pronouns,
  • Comprehension: Important Aspects of Phoenician Life, Newspapers, Emphatic, Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns, Pronouns,
  • Comprehension: Early Israel, Persuasive Writing, Animal Pairs, Adjectives, Comprehension: Israel; Further History,
  • Persuasive Writing; Letter to the Editor, Writing the Letter to the Editor, More Adjectives, Degrees of Adjectives,
  • Comprehension: Israel; Religion, Emails, Finite and Transitive Verbs, More Finite and Transitive Verbs,
  • Comprehension: Israel; Men and Women, Writing an Advertisement, Collective Nouns: Animal Groups, Agreement of Subject and Verb, Word Knowledge,
  • Comprehension: Israel; Life, Critical Thinking; Advertising, Participles, Active & Passive Voice,
  • Comprehension: Israel; Children, Dialogue; An Interview, Correcting Sentences, More Passive and Active Voice,
  • Collective Nouns: People,
  • Comprehension: Medes and Persians, Early History, Form; Postal Vote Application,
  • Critical Thinking: Banking and Online Scams, Word Knowledge, Reviewing Punctuation, Further Persian History, Writing a Description, Poetry Terms, Prepositions,
  • Word Knowledge: Occupations, Comprehension; Persian Administration, Essay Writing; Writing Comparisons, Synonyms and Antonyms,  Proverbs,
  • Revision: Nouns, Singular and Plural Nouns, Narrative, Nominative, Objective, Possessive Case with Nouns, Recognising and Using Pronouns, Newspaper, Adjectives, Persuasive Writing, Adjectives 2, Letter to the Editor, Finite and Transitive Verbs, Writing an Advertisement, Participles, Dialogue, Writing A Description, Prepositions, Synonyms and Antonyms, Writing Comparisons,
  • Answers.
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