Successful English 6B

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Writing Checklist, Subject and Predicate, Conjunctions,
  • Comprehension: Greece, Critical Thinking, Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences, Word Usage,
  • Comprehension: Sparta, Writing an Explanation, Adverbs,
  • Comprehension: Athens, Following Complex Instructions, Writing Complex Instructions, Changing to Direct or Indirect Speech,
  • Comprehension; Education in Greece, Dictionary Skills, Using Multi-Media, Correcting Sentences, Revision of Subject and Predicate,
  • Comprehension; Life in Greece, Different Forms of Media for Different Circumstances, Revision of Subject, Predicate and Object, Whose, Who, Whom,
  • Comprehension; Greek Gods, Understanding Poetry, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Word Skills,
  • Comprehension; Greek Architecture, Understanding Poetry, Revision of Irregular Verbs, Word Knowledge,
  • Comprehension; Greek Homes, Analysing a Poem, Complement of the Verb, Adverbs,
  • Comprehension; Persia's Threat to Greece, Revision of Note Taking, Applying Note Taking, Phrases,
  • Comprehension; Alexander the Great, Using the Internet, Avoiding Ambiguity, Proverbs, Comprehension; The Legacy of the Greeks, Reading a Weather Map, Correct Punctuation, Using the Correct Word,
  • Comprehension; The Beginning of the Roman Empire, Understanding Films, Analogies, Homonyms,
  • Comprehension; The Roman Empire, Understanding Films, Hyphens,
  • Comprehension; Living in Rome, Analysing Literature, Revision, Conjunctions, Writing an Explanation, Adverbs, Correcting Sentences, Writing Complex Instructions, Subject, Predicate and Object, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Understanding Poetry, Applying Note Taking, Phrases, Reading a Weather Map 132, Using the Internet, Homonyms, Understanding Films, Complement of a Verb, Analysing Literature, Word Knowledge,
  • Answers.
Grade/s 6-8  |  157 Pages  |  430 Grams