Successful English 7A

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Writing Checklist, A Word for a Phrase, Nouns, Verbs,
  • Comprehension;-Slaves in Ancient Rome, Critical Thinking, Homophones, Adjectives, Forming Adjectives, Adverbs, Prepositions,
  • Comprehension; Education in Rome, Critical Thinking 2, Writing a Resume, Ambiguity, Synonyms and Antonyms, Subject, Predicate, Object, Subject and
  • Predicate: CoWriting Checklist, Antonyms, Adverbial Clauses,
  • Comprehension: The Rise of Islam; Background, Analysing and Comparing Films and Text Types, Australian Idioms, Word Knowledge, More Adverbial Clauses,
  • Comprehension: The Spread of Islam, Analysing and Comparing Films and Text Types Foreign Words & Phrases, Incorrect Sentences, Prefixes, Correct Usage, Adverbial Phrase,
  • Comprehension: A Moslem Empire,
  • Critical Thinking: My Beliefs or Values, Apostrophes, Correct Punctuation, Adjectival or Adverbial Phrases,
  • Comprehension: Islamic Culture & Civilisation, Comparing Like Texts, Using Better Words, One Word for Many,
  • Word Knowledge: Nouns, Adverbial & Adjectival Clauses,
  • Comprehension: The Effects of Islam on Civilisation, Writing a Business Letter, Keeping a Diary,
  • Word Knowledge: Word Families, Analogies, Comparative & Superlative Adjectives, Parts of Sentences,
  • Comprehension: After Rome's Decline, Advertising, Anagrams, Acronyms, Personal Pronouns, Parts of Sentences,
  • Comprehension: Charles Martel & His Heirs, Critical Thinking: Advertising, Match Meanings, Word Forms, Phrases,
  • Comprehension: Pepin, Caricature, Missing Subject, Who Goes With What, Misused Words, Correct Word, Clauses,
  • Comprehension: Charlemagne, Identifying Poetry Terms, Find the Correct Word, Latin Roots, Proper Form, Adjectival & Adverbial Clauses 2, Comprehension: Further Campaigns by Charlemagne, Identifying Poetry Terms 2, Change to Nouns, Change to Verbs, Needless Repetition, Faulty Sentences, 
  • Comprehension: Charlemagne's Conquest of Spain,
  • Critical Thinking: Freedoms, Correct Form of Word,
  • Revision: Antonym, Adverbial Clause, Australian Idioms, Incorrect Sentences, Foreign Words & Phrases, Adverbial Phrases, Correct Punctuation, Adjectival or Adverbial Phrases, Word Knowledge,
  • Clauses or Phrases; Analogies, Comparative & Superlative Adjectives, Advertising, Parts of Sentences, Anagrams, Parts of Sentences, Acronyms, Phrases, Match Meanings, Clauses.mmands, Exclamations & Questions, Roman Government, Understanding Poetry, Antonyms, Using the Correct Word, Using a Dictionary, Principal and Subordinate Clauses,
  • Comprehension; Romans and the Law, Figures of Speech, Metaphors, Understanding Poetry 2, Principal and Subordinate Clauses 2,
  • Comprehension; Life in Rome,
  • Multi-Media; Electronic Communication, Correct Usage, Figures of Speech 2, Personal Pronouns, Principle and Subordinate Clauses 3,
  • Comprehension; The Decline of the Roman Empire, Multi-Media; Social Networking, A Debate,
  • Word Knowledge; Important Legal Terms, Missing Abstract Noun, Analogies, Phrases,
  • Comprehension; The Rise of the Eastern Empire & Byzantium, Writing Up a Science Report, Word Knowledge; Further Important Legal Terms, Generalisations and Specific Statements, Adjectival Clause,
  • Comprehension; The Golden Age of Justinian, Writing a Scientific or Technical Report, Substituting a Word for a Phrase, Using the Best Adverb, Choosing the Correct Adjective, Adjectival Clause,
  • Comprehension; The Organisation of Byzantium, Writing a Scientific or Technical Report 2, Correct Word Usage, Meanings of Words, Word Knowledge, Adjectival Phrase,
  • Comprehension; Administering the Byzantine Empire, Writing A Scientific or Technical Report 3, Word Knowledge, Irregular Verbs, Adjectival Clause or Phrase, Writing Sentences Correctly,
  • Comprehension; the Church and Education in the Byzantium Empire, Completing the Technical or Scientific Report, Participle Phrases, Using the Correct Word, Correct Sentences, Revision, Predicate and Object, Correct Usage, Figures of Speech, Principal and Subordinate Clauses, Similes and Metaphors, Figures of Speech 2, Electronic Communication, Social Media, Pronouns, Phrases, Word Knowledge; Legal Terms, Adjectival Clause, Meanings of Words, Adjectival Phrases, Irregular Verbs, Adjectival Clause or Phrase, Writing Correct Sentences, Participle Phrases, Scientific or Technical Report,
  • Answers.
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