Successful English 7B

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Writing Checklist,
  • Antonyms,
  • Adverbial Clauses,
  • Comprehension: The Rise of Islam; Background, Analysing and Comparing Films and Text Types, Australian Idioms, Word Knowledge, More Adverbial Clauses,
  • Comprehension: The Spread of Islam, Analysing and Comparing Films and Text Types Foreign Words & Phrases, Incorrect Sentences, Prefixes, Correct Usage, Adverbial Phrase,
  • Comprehension: A Moslem Empire,
  • Critical Thinking: My Beliefs or Values, Apostrophes, Correct Punctuation, Adjectival or Adverbial Phrases,
  • Comprehension: Islamic Culture & Civilisation, Comparing Like Texts, Using Better Words, One Word for Many,
  • Word Knowledge: Nouns, Adverbial & Adjectival Clauses, Comprehension: The Effects of Islam on Civilisation, Writing a Business Letter, Keeping a Diary, Word
  • Knowledge: Word Families, Analogies, Comparative & Superlative Adjectives, Parts of Sentences,
  • Comprehension: After Rome;s Decline, Advertising, Anagrams, Acronyms, Personal Pronouns, Parts of Sentences,
  • Comprehension: Charles Martel & His Heirs,
  • Critical Thinking: Advertising, Match Meanings, Word Forms, Phrases,
  • Comprehension: Pepin, Caricature, Missing Subject, Who Goes With What, Misused Words, Correct Word, Clauses,
  • Comprehension: Charlemagne, Identifying Poetry Terms, Find the Correct Word, Latin Roots, Proper Form, Adjectival & Adverbial Clauses 2,
  • Comprehension: Further Campaigns by Charlemagne, Identifying Poetry Terms 2, Change to Nouns, Change to Verbs, Needless Repetition, Faulty Sentences,
  • Comprehension: Charlemagne's Conquest of Spain,
  • Critical Thinking: Freedoms, Correct Form of Word,
  • Revision: Antonyms, Adverbial Clause, Australian Idioms, Incorrect Sentences, Foreign Words & Phrases, Adverbial Phrases, Correct Punctuation, Adjectival or Adverbial Phrases, Word Knowledge, Clauses or Phrases; Analogies, Comparative & Superlative Adjectives, Advertising, Parts of Sentences, Anagrams, Parts of Sentences, Acronyms, Phrases, Match Meanings, Clauses.
  • Answers.
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