Successful Spelling 1

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This book may be used as a grade 1 spelling book or as extension work with Learn to Read, Write and Spell 5.
  • The book contains 40 units. Each unit is a week's work. A unit contains exercises to help the child learn the words and extend their vocabulary.
  • Contents: Spelling words containing th, more th words, ng, sh at the beginning, sh at the end, wh, ee, ds, ee, t, ar, oa, long a, more long a words, a that says ar as in father, a that says aw as in walk, a that says o as in squash, a that says air as in mare, b that is silent as in comb, long i sound, more long i sounds, y that's i as in fly, y that says ee as in happy, long o as in cone, more long o sounds, o that says u as in mother, o that says oo as in shoe, long u as in tube, u that says oo as in pull and oo as in ruler, kn that says n as in knit, wr that says r as in write, ck as in duck, more ck words, or words as in fork,
  • Dictation,
  • answers.
Grade/s 1-2  |  96 Pages  |  270 Grams