Successful Spelling 3

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • This book replaces Spelling Matters 4.
  • Contents: Notes to Parents: Revision of Commonly Used Words. igh sound, 3: ou that says ow as in bounce, ou that says ow as in found, Revision, ou that says ow as in round, ou that says short u as in young, ou that says long oo as in soup and the long o as in shoulder, ow that says long o as in crow, 10: Revision, 11: ow that says long o as in snow, ow that says ow as in cow, ow that says ow as in owl, au that says aw as in autumn, Revision, au hat says aw as in sauce and short o as in Australia, aw says aw as in draw, ew says oo as in crew and you as in stew, ui says oo as in fruit, Revision, a says the short a sound, a says the long a sound, e says the short e sound, i says the short i sound, Revision, i says the long i sound, o says the short o sound, o says the long o sound, u says the short u sound, u says the long u sound, y says ee, ar sound, ea says ee and ea that says short e, Revision, ea says er, the short e and ear, ee says long e, oa says long o, or sound,
  • Revision,
  • Dictation,
  • Spelling rules,
  • Answers.
Grade/s 3-4  |  96 Pages  |  270 Grams