Successful Spelling 5

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • Contents: Notes to Students and Parents, Short a sound, Prefix ad, c that says k, c that says s, k that says k, Short e sound, Long e sound, Short i sound, ea that says the long e, Short o sound, Short u sound, Long u that says oo, y that says i; y that says ee, sh sound, th sound, More th sounds, Short g sound, g that says j, qu sound, Words ending in -el or -le, Words ending in -able, Words ending in ible, s sound words, t sound words, Words beginning with the prefix dis-, ar sound, Suffix --ance, sc words (blend), More sc blends and sc says s, v sound words,
  • Dictation,
  • Prefixes and Suffixes,
  • Rules,
  • Revision,
  • Answers. 
Grade/s 5  |  96 Pages  |  270 Grams