Successful Spelling K

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(Written by Marett, V)

  • For use with Learn to Read Write and Spell 3. It may stand alone to extend the child's vocabulary as well as spelling knowledge.
  • It includes practice of the doubling rules and dictation.
  • Contents: at words, am words, ab, ad words, an words, ap words, ag, as words, ed, eg words, em, en words, el words, es, et words, ib, id, ig words, il, ip words, im, in words, is, it words, ob, od, og words, on, op, ot words, ub, ag, um words, un, up, us, ut words, j words, c, k words, y, z words, qu, v, x words, bl, br words, cl, cr, dr words, fl, fr, ft words, gl. gr words, mp, nd, nk, nt words, pl, pr words, sc, sl, sk words, sn, st, str words, sw, tr, tw words, commonly used words,
  • Revision,
  • Dictation,
  • Spelling list,
  • Answers.
Grade/s K-1  |  96 Pages  |  270 Grams